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There are no empirical data on preventing medication communications between Renagel ® and most concomitant dental medications. For dental medication where a reduction in the bioavailability of that medicine would certainly have a medically considerable result on its safety and security or efficacy (e. g. cyclosporine, tacrolimus, levothyroxine), consider separation of the timing of the administration of both drugs [view Clinical Pharmacology (12.3)] The duration of splitting up depends upon the absorption qualities of the medicine concomitantly carried out, such as the moment to get to peak systemic levels and whether the drug is a prompt release or an extended release product. Where feasible consider keeping track of professional feedbacks and/or blood degrees of concomitant medicines that have a narrow healing variety.

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Pregnancy Category C: The impact of Renagel on the absorption of vitamins and also various other nutrients has actually not been studied in pregnant women. Demands for vitamins and also other nutrients are raised in maternity. In expecting rats given dosages of Renagel throughout organogenesis, lowered or irregular ossification of fetal bone tissues, possibly due to a decreased absorption of fat-soluble vitamin D, occurred. In pregnant bunnies provided dental dosages of Renagel by gavage throughout organogenesis, a rise of very early tractions occurred. [See NONCLINICAL TOXICOLOGY (13.

No Renagel treatment-related effects on work and also delivery were viewed in animal research studies. The results of Renagel on effort as well as delivery in humans are not recognized. [View NONCLINICAL TOXICOLOGY (13.

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